About 'Design A Candle'

Australian candle maker: Creating natural candles to your design

Design a Candle is a small Australian business run by a family that loves quality candles. We are passionate about making beautiful, 100% natural candles to our customers’ tastes at an affordable price.
We are located in a country town of Temora NSW, and use Australia Post and courier services to deliver our handmade candles to anywhere in Australia.


Why we started Design a Candle

Our whole family loves and enjoys good quality candles. However, high prices and the lack of variety in sizes, fragrances and colours of natural candles in shops have frustrated us. It also gave us the idea to make our own natural candles - exactly the way we wanted them and at a lower price.
We now offer one of Australia’s widest collections of natural soy and palm wax candles, which we lovingly create by hand. We really enjoy the candle-making process and get a lot of satisfaction out of making you, our customers, happy with that special candle you designed yourself.


What makes us different

    •    You can design your own candle to your personal taste

    •    Huge variety of glassware and pillar candle styles to choose from
    •    Only 100% natural soy and palm wax candles
    •    More than 80 different scents and colours to choose from
    •    All candles are freshly made to order only
    •    Friendly, personal service from a family that cares
    •    Easy-to-use “click, choose and order” website 
    •    Very affordable prices for custom-made natural candles


Why soy candles and palm wax candles?

Soy and palm wax candles have many advantages over paraffin candles, including:
    •    They burn slower so they last much longer
    •    They are earth-friendly as they are made from a renewable resource
    •    They produce less soot so are cleaner and friendlier to the environment
    •    They distribute the fragrance better so you can really enjoy your candle scent


If you have any questions about our candles or have any special requests, please feel free to contact us.